Q&A Encrypted DNS & HTTPS against unsecured hotspots


Level 2
Sep 5, 2018
Hi all,
VPN vendors make the point that we need to enable VPN when connecting to unsecured hotspots like in airports, hotels, coffee shops, etc. However, if we have encrypted DNS and most websites are now HTTPS, are we safe from hackers? Or is VPN still necessary?
Note that I am not too worried about surveillance. Thank you.


Level 6
Aug 21, 2020
It's mostly fear-mongering if you live in a modern first world country. The fear is from the beginning of the last decade. But we have moved quick to encrypt almost every website. And just in case use HTTPS Everywhere EASE mode to force encrypt everything.

There is no guarantee that the endpoint of a VPN server is somehow safer than a public wifi network.