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Purchase / Last upgraded
Jan 9, 2023
Form factor
Standard laptop
Estimated $
Targeted use
  1. Gaming
  2. Home
Make & Model
ASUS Vivobook X1603ZA-MB027W
OS installed
Windows 11 - 64 Bit
Standard Built-in
Intel Core i5-12500H/BGA
Intel Iris Xe
16 Gig DDR 4 RAM
ASUS 90W AC Adapter
16" 6:10 Ratio
Keyboard and Mouse
Built-in keyboard and touchpad
New Laptop for 2023!

Old laptop specs in update post.
My computer protection


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Aug 19, 2019
New laptop details entered. Yet to post 2023 Security Config so will fix that link when that's done.

Old Laptop specs were:
Purchase or Last Upgrade DateJan 1, 2022Estimated Value ($)$350Form factorLaptopBrand & ModelAcer Aspire E15Installed OSWindows 10CPU (Processor)Intel Core i3-400SURAM (Memory)12 Gig DDR 11 RAMGPU (Graphics)Intel HD Graphics 4400MotherboardStandard Built-inStorage1 TB HDDCaseStandardPSU (Power Supply)Acer ProvidedMonitor (Display)Built-inUse casePrivate useKeyboard and MouseBuilt-in keyboard and touchpadNotesOld laptop that still does what I need to well though plastic bits are wearing a bit now.


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Aug 19, 2019
Thats pretty much best you can get in price of 600$. 12th gen i5 and 16gb of ram is more than enough.
Integrated graphics > gtx 1650 . Definitely better choice than lenovo one
Yeah, best deal I could get and glad I grabbed it when I did as next one with the same chip cost £999. It's a great machine and liking the 6:10 screen. Funny how it's actually a couple of centemetres smaller than my old 15in one because of the narrow edge. Easy to type on and yeah, loving it so far :D


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Apr 21, 2016
My old laptop that I continue to use. Eventually hoping to do an upgrade maybe later this year.


Your ASUS Vivobook X1603ZA-MB027W, last upgrade on January 9th, 2023, is a standard laptop designed to provide solid performance for home and light gaming use within a reasonable budget of $599. Here's a summary of your laptop's capabilities and some tips to optimize your experience:

Operating System: Windows 11 - 64 Bit will offer the latest features and security updates from Microsoft, along with compatibility with a wide range of applications and games.

Motherboard: The standard built-in motherboard is tailored for the form factor of the laptop and is designed to work seamlessly with the integrated components.

CPU: The Intel Core i5-12500H is a capable mid-range processor with a balance of power efficiency and performance, suitable for gaming and multitasking.

GPU: Intel Iris Xe graphics are integrated into the CPU; while not as powerful as dedicated graphics cards, they are capable of handling light gaming and general multimedia tasks.

RAM: 16GB of DDR4 RAM is a good amount for gaming and multitasking, ensuring smooth operation of most applications.

Storage: A 512MB SSD seems to be a typo; it's likely a 512GB SSD, which provides fast boot and load times, though the capacity might be limiting for users with extensive game libraries or large files.

PSU: The ASUS 90W AC Adapter is standard for charging the laptop and providing power for daily use.

Case: The standard laptop case provides portability and protection for the internal components.

Monitor: The 16" 16:10 ratio screen is larger than typical 15.6" models, offering more vertical space, which is great for productivity and an immersive gaming experience.

Keyboard and Mouse: The built-in keyboard and touchpad are standard for laptops, with the potential for external peripherals to be connected if a different typing or gaming experience is desired.

Given the laptop's configuration and targeted use, here are some recommendations to enhance your experience:

  1. External Storage: If you find the SSD capacity to be insufficient, consider purchasing an external HDD or SSD for additional storage.
  2. Cooling Pad: Gaming can increase the laptop's temperature; a cooling pad can help maintain lower temperatures and prolong the life of the components.
  3. Game Settings: For the best gaming experience, adjust the game settings to match the capabilities of the Intel Iris Xe graphics, focusing on lower graphical settings for smoother gameplay.
  4. Memory Management: Regularly check for unnecessary background processes and close them to free up RAM.
  5. Regular Updates: Keep Windows and your drivers up to date to ensure the best performance and security.
  6. Battery Maintenance: Practice good battery habits, like not always keeping the laptop plugged in, to maintain the health of the battery over time.
  7. External Peripherals: For a better gaming experience, you may want to invest in an external mouse and, if needed, a gaming keyboard.
  8. Cloud Services: Use cloud storage services to expand your storage options without needing physical devices.
Your ASUS Vivobook X1603ZA-MB027W should serve you well for gaming and home use, especially with the right balance between performance and budget.
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