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Sep 2, 2021
Hello everyone! :)
Today we are interested in a lesser known antivirus: eScan
eScan is an Indian antivirus. Known rather in the Asian environment, it was used a lot in companies.
Times have changed and a version for individuals exists.
The installation is laborious, launches several processes unnecessarily.
The interface is clear and pretty enough without lying, even if it is quite problematic to access various settings. eScan is not always very explicit on the configuration.
Protection level, it is very good!
It protects the machine very effectively and will even block several files during execution.
However, a big 0 on the anti-phishing test!
On the other hand, what bothered me a lot is its RAM consumption which is very high!
I never went below 500MB which is huge.
eScan also kills disinfection tools, I don't know why...
It is recommendable for its protection, but the product should be reviewed, its behavior on disinfection tools and its high RAM consumption may discourage you... Too bad...

RAM Usage : Hight (500Mo)
Phishing Test : 0/5 (all missed)
Malware URL test : 10/10 (all detected)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected by Antivirus database)
Malware Pack : Remaining 67 files
Result :
- eScan : 3
- Zemana : 0
- Hitman Pro : Can't Run
- NPE : Can't Run
- EEK 0



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Nov 15, 2017
I thought it was a very good product. For phishing it is very bad, also for malwares in running detection. Conclusion, I would not use this antivirus. Here are some of the top ones to test to see what they give in your results.

. 1.jpg2.jpg
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