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Changes in 7.0.317.4:
  • Improved: Processing of error codes during activation​
  • Resolved: Issues with application update notifications​
  • Resolved: Problems with Antispam module crashes​
  • Fixed: Problem with Windows Action Center notifications​
  • Fixed: Issue with event notifications being sent without content​
  • Fixed: Problem with toast notifications not being displayed on Windows 8​
Download | 7.0 Final - x86 (ESS)
Download | 7.0 Final - x64 (ESS)

Download | 7.0 Final - x86 (NOD32)
Download | 7.0 Final - x64 (NOD32)
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Can it be installed through the Product Update?
Whenever I update through it, it says ESET is up to date although the product version is the older version.


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I guess you're running ESET old version let's say 5,6,earlier v7, right? in this case i suggest you
updates / upgrade by overwritten with the latest version of ESET.
I did like this, however i can do it by auto updates, my previous ESET version ESS 7.0.302. How?
You mean by ESET auto update option see spoiler example and my current ESS
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yes x10..same here I did like you did, becoze i'm impatient for this one..want to have quick update.. btw thanks for valuable info..


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So, is installation over old installation required, or the product can be updated without problems via the regular updater?