ESET Scanner Status Inaccurate?

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May 26, 2014
I just noticed a problem with ESET Smart Security. The Smart Scan scans normally and quickly and by the time it gets to 99%, it scans 187003 files and takes 0:18:20. Then the scanner goes crazy! It is stuck at 99%, and by the time it finishes, it scanned 606785 files and takes 1:32:43! Why is this the case?


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Jul 12, 2014
Programming a progressbar is rather difficult when you have to calculate time for archives, not knowing how many files are inside, but only the size of archives. You can step through and increment after each file is done scanning, but i dont think you can apply it programmatically to internal files inside archives, simply when it is done scanning the archive.
This causes progressbars to act whacky.

ESET only scans modified files if you use Smart optimization. Even still you would be surprised at how many files get altered and updated/changed when using the OS.
Good tools to monitor something like this is Process explorer and monitor

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