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Released: ESET Smart Security 10.0.386.0

* Adds support for Chrome v53-56 (x32/x64) in Banking & Payment Protection
* Fixes rare activation bug when user upgrades from previous version and activation ends in endless loop
* Improves installation on Windows 8, 8.1
* Updates strings for Updater and Scheduler
* Fixes several minor bugs
* NEW : Home Network Protection
* NEW : Webcam Protection
* NEW : Script-based Attack Protection



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I have question please...

I have Eset Smart Security license gift from friend. I cannot find download link for Eset Smart Security. I see in here,

ESET Smart Security Premium
ESET Internet Security
ESET NOD32 Antivirus

When I use Eset Smart Security it was not "Premium" where can I have download link for Eset Smart Security?

What is ESET Internet Security? Is that new ESET Internet Security (not Premium)..?

I confused please help :(
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Deleted member 2913


ESS license should work for EIS, worked for my cousin.
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