Eset Smart Security vs Emsisoft Internet Security

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  • Emsisoft Internet Security

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Eset Smart Security vs Emsisoft Internet Security
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Both are good security products, Eset is well rounded - low on resources, system impact and high level of protection. Eset updates with quick and small signatures, very good and adaptable although the GUI takes some time to learn.

Emsisoft I had tried in the past, it used to be heavy.It has a dual antivirus engine.I have been hearing now it's fast and lightweight.It has a better behavioural blocker.
So, I would say Emsisoft holds the edge here.
You can choose either of them, and remember to follow standard guidelines to remain safe on the internet.Both will serve you in good standing.I use Eset.


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I have used both and I didn't notice any difference in how my system ran, both are light with excellent protection, it's a matter of taste regarding the user interface and what you want to tweak. If you can do a trial of each then you could make a better judgement based on your own experience.
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Emsisoft is known for its behaviour blocker (formerly available standalone - Mamutu) and its detection rate + cleaning capabilities, however falls short of memory usage during update and cpu spikes up whilst scanning etc.

ESET is known for its great detection + a well configured HIPS (policy based mode for the hardcore user, smart mode for casual). memory usage ain't that high, cpu and I/O are quiet whilst scanning and cleaning.

Emsisoft uses 2 engines, ESET 1.

I used to use ESET with Mamutu back in the day.

If i was to pick one, I go ESET as its less headaches all around for my day to day use.


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Both of them are great security products as the other members already stated.
My opinion is if you want a set and forget program you should go with Emsisoft.
It's default settings are very good and only if you are paranoid user you should tweak it.
On the other hand if you are a user that wants to tweak your security security program then you should go with Eset.
Eset offers many options for tweaking and you will enjoy it.
I hope i have helped;)
Voted none i can't decide:D
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Both of have well performed on many test, they have different concept on how they make a plan B stage as one of contains HIPS and other BB.

When it comes on the responsive stage for zero day added detection then ESET may have little edge than Emsisoft but who knows.
Number of employees isn't a factor at all to work the product an overall stable.
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