Essential Settings for Microsoft Edge

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Hello everyone, here are some tips to improve the performance and security of Microsoft Edge:

1.) Turn on 'Send Do Not Track requests'
send do not track.PNG

2.) Turn on 'Block pop-ups'
block pop ups.PNG

3.) Turn on 'Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter'

4.) Turn off 'Let sites save protected media licenses on my device'

5.) Change 'Don't block cookies' to 'Block only third-party cookies'
block cookies.PNG

You can also turn 'Use Adobe Flash Player' off but it may break some pages.

Hope this helps, have a good day! :)

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1. Turning on "Send do not track" is pointless. It basically asks the website to please not do this, but ultimately, it is up to the website, and this means, more times then not, will be ignored.

2. Block Pops is turned on by default.

3.Smart screen filter is enabled by default also.

4. Let sites save protected media licenses on my device, is for your benefit. Websites capable of streaming videos or music utilize "DRM" Digital Rights Management, which in some cases needs to be stored on the users device, in order for those websites to recognize and allow a user to access protected content.

5. Change 'Don't block cookies' to 'Block only third-party cookies... This can break websites as well.

Adobe flash is run in appcontainer as mentioned earlier, but a user can operate just fine on the web with this disabled, just not being allowed to utilize aspects dependent upon flash. Most users will not have issues other then sites like social media. I leave it on personally, until the rest of the word catches up with the newer standards.


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Mar 15, 2011
As usual Smartscreen and block pop-ups are already a standard factory enabled settings and other than that where Microsoft Edge does not contain any surprising configuration as the overall concept are been implemented on secure matter invisible to the naked eye of user.
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