EU legislation introduced to ban anonymous domain registration


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Aug 17, 2014
The European Union is drafting legislation that could soon end individuals registering domains anonymously on the continent.

When an Internet domain is registered, a registrar will collect information such as the purchaser's name, address, email, and phone number. However, this information is not verified to be accurate and could contain false information.

The EU's new directive will add new provisions regarding how domain registrars collect information from registrants and who will have access to said information.

More specifically, registrants of new domains will be required to provide a valid telephone number belonging to them, while their full name, email, and physical address will have to be verified too.

At this time, registrants are only required to provide a name and address, but no verification bodies check these to approve or disprove the new domain ownership.

"In order to ensure the availability of accurate, verified and complete domain name registration data, TLD registries and entities providing domain name registration services should be required to collect domain name registration data. They should aim to ensure the integrity and availability of such data by implementing technical and organisational measures, such as a confirmation process for registrants," reads an amendment in a draft of the new EU legislation.

"In particular, TLD registries and entities providing domain name registration services should establish policies and procedures for the collection and maintenance of accurate, verified and complete registration data, as well as for the prevention and correction of inaccurate registration data."


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Jul 27, 2015
In the fight against spammers, scammers, thieves and malware attackers, this specific move is very correct and should have happened long time ago since it makes it harder for these lowlife scumbags to crawl away when law enforcement come knocking on their doors. Attacking children, elders and even sick people that can't protect themselves deserves the full extent of the law. Normal common home users and citizens and genuine companies, don't need to hide behind specific private domain services.


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Oct 2, 2018
indeed hunter, high housing price evictions the packing up of elderly and outright killing them by the state as pandemic has clearly shown (just do google research), rich thieves boasting about going to space (musk bezos hollywood actors) also rich companies funnelling money to countries that are havens so they dint pay taxes.. list goes on… so i agree that as hackers pirates etc we must battle the state, expensive software companies by cracking those softwares, maintaining anonymity , hacking banks one of the biggest scammers and also destroying those seucurity ppl like malware hunters claiming to hide behind the powers of the state and being for ppl when they in fact want to rob people, and i mean surveillance compnies, facebook ,, indeed upnorth