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Apr 14, 2019
Edge and Chrome, uBlock Origin medium mode 92% with a few filters added.



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Oct 1, 2019
1. Next DNS enabled AdGuard DNS filter only while allowing affiliate and tracking links
2. Edge anti-tracking on strict
3 AdbBlockPlus with my own filters only

I got

When replacing Adguard DNS with Next_DNS default list I get

So I will keep Next DNS default list for the moment
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Aug 21, 2020
Chrome OS + uBlock Origin + Windscribe: 82%
iOS 14.5 Safari + Wipr + Hush + Windscribe ROBERT: 100%

lol never thought I would have better tracker blocking on my iPhone because they both feel about the same in terms of privacy.


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Aug 2, 2020
I enabled it again and realized why I had it disabled, it breaks many sites.
All embed Youtube videos on this site stopped working with umatrix enable. :(
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That has nothing to do with Umatrix that has all to do with your inability to configure it. The word (noob) to me is a disgraceful word when it's use to describe a person inability to use a soft, I prefer this statement not well educated to handle it. Also Noscript gets 100% easy, I use Umatrix and nothing about this site gives me any trouble, Umatrix does not operate like Ublock Origin chalk and cheese. I strongly believe that a person must educate themselves before messing with Umatrix or Noscript because they need plenty human input first along with plenty trail and error, Then you will automatically catch on after time on what need to be allowed for smooth operation. So if you are new to these two extensions please err on the side of caution, I get 100% with both Umatrix and Ublock Origin and yet still on MalwareTips forum i have no issues period. So to reiterate the problem is your config not Umatrix.
Getting 100% is also tricky for people that don't understand these products Example:Facebook and Twitter is block with mine on that page but i can go to the Twitter site without problem or Facebook it all have to do with if your are blocking it globally, Domain or by site,think of everything i said and then you'll get it.

You are the only one in this thread who replied in an arrogant and IMHO an uncivilized manner.
Yes! There is nothing worth bragging about getting 100% in this test, has most users can achieve this without much effort.

In regards to all my test with ublock it was all done at almost default settings without any in depth customizing.
Umatrix score 100% because its behaves like a firewall with default block all. My choice to customize it further or not
has nothing to do with my ability to do so. I was merely referring to its default configuration and even the author of UMatrix explains
that you can expect websites to break using umatrix.

Regarding broken sites​

uMatrix does not guarantee that sites will work fine: it is for advanced users who can figure how to un-break sites, because essentially uMatrix is a firewall which works in relaxed block-all/allow-exceptionally mode out of the box: it is not unexpected that sites will break.

The majority of your posts in this thread have been nothing short of arrogant in nature filled with a superiority complex which
in my opinion you should keep to sites like WIlders if you have nothing useful to contribute to this site or its members.
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Aug 22, 2013
IMHO getting a hundred % is very easy with nextdns, check the log, copy what's getting allowed to your deny list and its done. But if you get a 100% be ready to receive distress calls from your wife complaining her amazon app not working, facebook fails to show "very important information". ...Etc
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Apr 1, 2019
Getting 100% is attainable easily. Getting 100% without causing unintended issues is different. I’m drifting back towards mostly blocking for security. I’d rather see targeted ads than pretend I have privacy and not have websites function.

With that said:

I got 49% with Edge on standard blocking, 94% with strict. Both with AdGuard extension only using default settings.

My phone got 84% with NextDNS with OISD blocklist.
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