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Oct 23, 2012
The forum rules address excessive formatting which apply to all threads as well as replies.

2.Your post should be meaningful and without excessive formatting
  • Your posts should be relevant to the thread subject.
  • All the forums are categorized by topics. Please post your questions or messages in the appropriate forum.
  • Use descriptive subject lines and research your post. This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read. Also, scan the subjects of the last several days' posts to make sure you aren't duplicating posts.
  • Don't post just to increase your number of posts. Avoid short sentences or single word posts. If you have nothing relevant to say on a certain matter then don't post.
  • Do not bother making posts with only one or two words (e.g., "cool" or LOL) or a smile, or post simply to have the first reply in a thread. Such posts waste everyone's time and will be deleted. Posts saying "I agree", "1", "this", "me too", or the equivalent are also routinely removed, so don't post them. If you aren't interested in a thread, skip the thread; don't post to tell us you aren't interested.
  • Excessive text formatting (bold, caps, font size) is not allowed. Use text formatting to highlight short passages only.
Lately there have been threads posted and replies to threads using excessive text formatting and very large images.Some do not have any relevancy to the original topic.This includes the use of off topic videos as well.These include huge text,multiple fonts as well as multicolored text with very large images.

The default forum text size is (4) the use of anything above (5) is totally unnecessary
Using a text size of (5) would be used to draw attention to a title for example: AVG Internet Security Free For 3 months

The use of images is fine when it has some relevance to the topic however these can be uploaded by using the "Upload A File" option and posted as a thumbnail which when clicked on will show the full size image.

The same holds true for images from an image uploading service as large images can be resized within most and then posted using the proper BBCode.
If images are large and need to be posted as screenshots these can be applied using a Spoiler.
Videos need to be directly related to the original topic and not used to be funny or sarcastic in reply to another members post.

All of this results in a distraction to the original topic and makes navigating the thread difficult.

These posts and or threads will no longer be edited by staff but rather deleted and continued use will result in a warning.This also applies to the Off Topic forum.

*Before someone complains,this does not apply to staff members running MalwareTips Giveaways
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