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New Settings user interface
  • A new settings user interface that combines Antivirus and common settings.
  • You can view the settings without administrator rights. Editing the settings still requires administrator rights.
  • A new Support page containing information, tools, and links that are related to support issues, including your subscription information.
Logout from SAFE account
  • A logout feature has been added to the main user interface. When you want to switch to a different account, you can use it to log out from your current account and expire the client. You need to log in again to use it.
Other improvements
  • The usability of the Manage/Renew subscription link has been improved. The SAFE: Manage subscription link opens the SAFE portal and the Internet Security: Manage subscription link is no longer visible.
  • The restart prompt has an option to select when to remind you again.
  • The recent events view has an option to view events from all users. This requires administrator rights.
While I like the new settings user interface, it takes a bit longer to load and that's annoying.
The window for updates is different as it takes one to the new settings page. That loading for me happens within two seconds, and sure I can understand it feels annoying as it's also something brand new. It should easy be possible to tweak in any future updates. Same database/engine version information is still available by simply scroll down a bit. Loading the main window is though actually faster now on my machines.

@Lord Ami , it's the same main icon as before. They still didn't switched to the Beta one.

The Cog in the Machine

Level 22
Do you recall what kind of issues, also in what browser?

I would love try reproduce it, as then it's possible to report and hopefully get it fully fixed.
After I updated to 17.7 version I started experiencing connectivity issues in Firefox 68. I could not access any website in FF while I could in other browsers. I refreshed FF and then I was able to access websites but Banking Protection never worked. I tried reinstalling FS extension and that did fix all the issues.