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My Emsisoft license is expiring soon. No problems with it but thought I'd try something else.
Narrowed it down to F-Secure and G-Data, so which would you recommend for a basic user?
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Eddie Morra

My opinion is unless there's a genuine reason to switch, if it isn't broken, then don't fix it. Too many people waste their time changing their security configuration when it was working well for them, only to ruin things for themselves and run into a cesspool of problems.

That being said, I recommend that you use a trial for both of them at separate times and then decide on which one you personally feel more comfortable with using - which one you should use will depend on your own requirements and whether you like the one that suits your requirements best after testing it out.


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Mikko Hypponen lonely is the reason you should go with F-Secure. just search his name on Youtube. watch some videos and congrats! you've become a F-Secure fanboy :D

their protection level is not that different but in terms of privacy, well G-Data is still realy good in terms of privacy yet F-Secure is better specialy when it comes being your side against governments. so choosing between these realy good two AVs, it's all about what you like more in them, serach more read more about them and you'll finally be there.

Mahesh Sudula

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Both of them have their own pros and cons: G data edge F secure .
Pros: Both are dual engine, however F secure 98% of cases depends on BD, that is not case in G data.
Repair capability of G data, over F secure quarantine ability.
G data removal capability against unknown malware is quite good, F secure is very very poor here.
F secure lack roll back capability over G data.
G data has pro active modules like Bank guard, Deep ray , which F secure lacks.
F secure doesn't have boot time protection lacks own firewall, own signatures.
F secure has good anti phishing compared to G data.
Choose accordingly.F secure really improved on Fp's, Deep guard.
I choose G data for above reasons!


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Thanks for all the help, most useful. I read the G Data firewall is buggy? Should I stick with the AV and Windows firewall?


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The G-Data firewall is the main reason I don't use it, it causes me network sharing problems, it also blocks me Marantz streamer from communication with Windows Media Player & causes the Marantz not to work, sharing with other PC's also was intermittent. I communicated with G-data support who were not aware of their own firewall settings, anyway after far to much time spent & it & chatting to support I could not resolve the problem. Other than that I like G-Data, I also like F-Secure, IMO as good as anything.