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Hi, facebooj domains are removed from DNS worldwide (DNS finds the IP-adress belonging to the domain name of a website), simply put all Facebook domain names are removed from the world wide internet telephone book.

To me it looks like a inside hack or a terrible mistake from the facebook organisation. When it was an external hack it would be claimed by now. Most of facebook internal systems are not reachable also, which I can understand for cloud based system, but domain name requests should normally resolved locally also through some sort of patching, but their DNS keep being rejected, so something is really wrong deep inside their systems.

Seems that Marc Zuckerberg lost 7 million dollar already in advertising income.
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Aug 21, 2020
-Something happened, a hack, DDoS or whatever
-Facebook engineers nulled the servers pulling them off the entire Internet for security reasons
-Then they rebooted everything

Pay attention how these things always happen on a Monday. I think the easiest explanation is the most probable. Someone had a bad Monday and screwed something big up. Just another Monday if you ask me lol

Edit: Seee!!

Like I said, a Monday bug. Mistakes happen. Moving along. No cyber attack.
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Based on the first findings by Cisco, I expected that it could only be done from the inside either an internal hack or someone messed up badly. All comments seem to point out to the last (someone messing up), although Marc Zuckerberg says that it "SEEMS" an internal mistake. So he is not 100% sure yet (because they have so much private data, Facebook has to report a breach as soon as they know about it).


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Jan 16, 2017