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So I've been using FastestVPN for quite some time now and have posted multiple deals as well. In the past, I saw people commenting about leaks and I personally did some tests over, and I found no leaks whatsoever!

Attached are the screenshots:



The Cyber Month deal will be extended a few more days as per the support guy. The deal details are:
5 Year Plan for $49.95
link: Buy VPN: P2P Optimized Servers, No Logs, and 7-Days Money Back

Some features that I like:
  1. Internet Kill Switch
  2. 5 Multi logins
  3. Ad blocker
  4. NAT firewall
  5. App for Firestick (very handy for me)


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I've tried a fair VPN's mainly just out of interest but this has the worst GUI out of any I tried, it looks & feels like something you would see 10 years ago. I also never got it running properly, if you want it it's cheaper on StackSocial - Frankly it is a piece of junk. If you want a cheap yet decent VPN get Windscribe often really cheap on StackSocial.


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I bought a lifetime subscription to this VPN service earlier in 2018 and frankly it was silly of me!

FastestVPN is pretty fast to begin but very frustrating because it drops connections frequently and the app refuses to reconnect to the same and even alternate VPN servers. Their support is pretty responsive..albeit with copy/paste replies. Don't waste your money on this one.


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AVOID this VPN. when I had it earlier this year it leaked, and I had one hell of a fight to get my money back. What was bad was the people at fastestvpn knew about the leak and still lied about it on there web page.
Yeah, exactly. I have messaged them at least 4-5 time saying it is leaking. On IKEv2 it is still leaking, they do not know how to fix it.They said they have. I have tried to get my money back and they said they would and I have not got it yet. The support is horrible, and to be honest, just seem a dodgy company because they can't keep their promises. It has been about 4 months now and they said I would get my money back within a week, and I have messaged them 4 times about it.
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If you are using or thinking of using Thor/heimdal with a VPN you should read the reply I got from Heimdal about windscribe VPN
Ciprian Apostol (Heimdal Security)
Dec 3, 09:14 EET

Thank you for contacting Heimdal Security Support.

We would like to inform you that we are not blocking the website
Please disable Thor Foresight's DarkLayer Guard and then clear cookies, cache and browser's history and try to access the website. In case you don't know how to clean your browser, here is a mini-tutorial: Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history
If it works, then please enable again DarkLayer Guard.

It is not recommended to use VPN alongside Thor Foresight. Most VPN clients create an adapter that uses a certain DNS through which the network traffic will be filtered.
Thor Foresight is also a DNS based security software and it will not be able to set its own DNS on that adapter that the VPN client created previously. Thus, the Dark Layer Guard (the traffic filtering engine) will not be able to offer the protection environment that promises.

It's important to point out that there are some VPNs that do work alongside Thor as they allow to add to exclusion certain IPs. One of those VPNs is CISCO and it's only for enterprise usage.
For more information, please read this support article: Thor And VPN Clients

In conclusion, Thor and VPN clients will not work as they are both DNS based applications.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,
Ciprian Apostol
Heimdal Security A/S & Heimdal Security SRL
Heimdal Security - Proactive Cyber Security Software