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If you were planning to ship a Huawei phone to America, you might be in for a surprise. This week, writers at PC Magazine tried to ship a Huawei P30 from a UK office to a US one, and were surprised to find it sent back a few days later. Since the sender had identified the phone down to the IMEI number, it was clear from the beginning that box contained a Huawei phone, but the package was actually shipped all the way from London to Indianapolis — from the UK’s Parcelforce to its US partner FedEx — until a legal issue emerged and the shipment was returned to the UK. According to the attached notice, the problem was a “US government issue with Huawei and China government.”

Crucially, there wasn’t a specific law referenced; the company simply decided it would rather not take on the trouble of figuring out if this was kosher or not. Always thorough in the face of confusion, the PC Magazine folks checked with UPS, too, who said it would be happy to accept such a shipment. They checked with Huawei, too, who said it was a complete misinterpretation of the US orders.
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FedEx provided the following statement to PCMag, saying the returned delivery was a mistake and wasn't a corporate policy:
The package in question was mistakenly returned to the shipper, and we apologize for this operational error. As a global company that moves 15 million shipments each day, we are committed to compliance with all rules and regulations and minimizing impact to our customers as we adjust our operations to comply with a dynamic US regulatory environment.
Update with Response: [Update: FedEx responds] FedEx is apparently refusing to even ship Huawei phones to the US


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Well unfortunately for Fedex they probably won't win that one. The sad part is, everyone is confused on whats exactly legal, or not with the US fighting with China and everything seems to change on a daily basis. Unfortunately for Fedex, they may work internationally, but if the US has a law/rule that bans all Huawei products from entering the US, well they have to abide by that rule/law, as they are a US based company.