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Nov 10, 2017

Files App, a popular third-party file manager for Windows and a winner of the Microsoft Store App Awards 2022, has received a new preview update with several notable changes and improvements. As described by the developers, the app is moving from UWP to WinAppSdk, which provides better access to APIs, snappier performance, faster build times, and other benefits. You can now preview some under-the-hood improvements alongside several neat new features, such as support for password-protected archives, better file selection, new layout customization options, and more.

Here are the changes you can test in the latest preview version of Files:
  • Added an option to double click to open folders in the column layout
  • Reorganized the options in the settings dialog to make them easier to find
  • Added support for extracting multiple archives at same time
  • Added support for extracting password encrypted archives
  • Added an option to compress items
  • Added an extract button to the toolbar thats displayed when archives are open in the current tab
  • Hovering over a drive in the sidebar displays a rich tooltip with information about the drive and storage details
  • Added an option to automatically select files and folders when hovering over them
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking an item would sometimes open the wrong context menu
  • Added an option to set the default layout mode
  • Added a menu option when right clicking the details layout header to set the default column sizes
  • Further reduced the height of items when using compact spacing

The developers say users can expect more optimizations and improvements to arrive in the future as they work on improving startup time and reducing the amount of system resources the app consumes when running. Meanwhile, you can download File Preview from the official website, and it can run side-by-side with the stable version from the Microsoft Store. The project is open-source, so those with the necessary skills can contribute to the project on GitHub.



Download it on Microsft Store

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Nov 10, 2017

Last month, the Files App, which won the 2022 Microsoft Store award for best file management, received a preview update. In that update, the app was migrated over from UWP to the more modern Windows App SDK. Now, the update, version 2.4, is out of preview and available for download.

Aside from that, the latest update also features many many changes, fixes, and improvements. For example, Files App on Windows 10 now has the Windows 11-style grid and details layout with rounded corners. So in case you are still a Windows 10 user and like the look and feel of Windows 11, you could try this update.

The full changelog may be the biggest we have seen from any recent Files update. You can find the full release notes below on the app's GitHub page (linked at the end of the article) but here are the main improvements and fixes:
Changes in v2.4**
  • Added support for changing the default layout mode
  • Added support for changing the default sorting and grouping options
  • Added a tooltip with storage information when hovering over drives
  • Added an extract archive button to the toolbar when viewing archives
  • Fixed issue where the default file manager option would affect other user accounts
  • Fixed issue where sidebar icons were blurry
  • Added menu option to compress items into archive
  • Display recent searches when clicking on the search box
  • Display error message when shortcut target cannot be found
  • Added option to set the default column sizes in the details layout
  • Fixed issue where right click didn't always select the file/folder hovered over
  • Auto select the folder option on the add item dialog
  • Added setting to select files and folders on mouse hover
  • Updated the listview/gridview styles on Windows 10
  • Display prompt when user doesn't have permission to access a folder
  • Added support for creating and extracting password protected archives

Download from Microsft Store



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Jan 8, 2011

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