Updates Firefox 89.0.1 released


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Aug 17, 2014

Version 89.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on June 17, 2021​


  • Windows: Resolved an issue causing some screen readers to not interact correctly with Firefox anymore (bug 1714212)
  • Updated translations, including full Spanish (Mexico) localization and other improvements (bug 1714946)
  • Fix various font related regressions (bug 1694174)
  • Linux: Fix performance and stability regressions with WebRender (bug 1715895, bug 1715902)
  • macOS: Fix screen flickering when scrolling a page on an external monitor (bug 1715452)
  • Enterprise: Fix for the DisableDeveloperTools policy not having effect anymore (bug 1715777)
  • Linux: Fix broken scrollbars on some GTK themes (bug 1714103)
  • Various stability and security fixes.

Firefox 89.0.1 addresses one security issue. The security advisory reveals that the issue has the severity rating of moderate and affects Firefox on Windows devices.
When drawing text onto a canvas with WebRender disabled, an out of bounds read could occur.
This bug only affects Firefox on Windows. Other operating systems are unaffected.
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