Is my config strong?

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Your security config is good. But with 4 GB ram I will never put so many security things on. It's like I earn $40 day but spend $45 on Security. :p

You have,
uBlock, WOT, BitDefender TrafficLight,, Imgur, Lightshot, Kaspersky, HTTPS everywhere
For me upto three out of them is ok. More than that is overkilling :p ( That's my opinion though)

But overall it's a solid config ( or should I say more than solid).

Use some secure DNS also ( Like Norton or Open DNS or Comodo ). DNS does not uses your system resource but still provides one extra line of protection ;).

Also be careful with BiLocker. Everytime I locked something with it, I finally lost it :(:(.


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What OS would you recommend for a total Linux noob? :)
It is still hard question. A lot people said "Hey you want use linux? Install Mint". Yes, Mint is very popular distro, for some people looks good and is powerful. But isn t very great start. For Windows users i recommend use Kubuntu(KDE looks like Windows) and for MAC users i recommend Elementary OS. Both distros are linux based and have very good support. This is only my option. You can have different option.

EDIT: Deepin is also good distro but sometimes make problems and updates are slow.


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Manjaro is still 0.x.x stuff, not 1.0 yet.

Maybe i need to install Linux on a compy with the following hardware:

AMD Athlon X64 Dual-Core
NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS (WDDM 1.0)
320 GB HDD Drive
Currently running a totally Malware broken Windows 7 Home Premium with cracked activation (Wouldnt even work legally system is too broken)

Do you know what could run on that? Best would be its a system thats Windows Like feeling. :)

Also there will be a "Totally new" OpenSUSE coming soon: