Q&A Firewall - public or private profile


Level 2
Nov 18, 2020
I notice some of the computer security configurations mention the person using the Public firewall profile. Im not sure if that offers a security benefit.

I started with a private profile then applied the H_C rules and MS Office rules in the Firewall part of H_C. I use WFC and use the medium filtering level. I use my PC at home and access files on a small NAS unit. I dont share files direct from my PC and my printer is connected to my router so don't share that either.

Would public profile be safer? can you still access other systems over the home network with Public profile?


Level 10
Aug 22, 2013
If you have a robust hardware firewall appliance (like the one based on pfsense, opnsense, routeros, edge os or openwrt) that has rules enabled to prevent accessing of external systems to your local network, then you can enable private profile without much hesitation. If you don't have decent router with good firewall then it may pose some security issues and using of public profile in those scenarios will offer a tighter system firewall which could prevent access to local files by an external intruder.