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Mar 9, 2019
Promotion still works!

First Aid Kit
Key features

Data recovery at file level from external drives, internal drives, network drives or cloud storage when Windows will not start but the file systems are undamaged / slightly damaged
Data recovery at file level of shadow copies (normally hidden) on NTFS drives
Data recovery at block level from corrupt file systems, accidentally quick-formatted storage devices or bad blocks
1:1 cloning of hard drives – also works with damaged hard drives that already have bad blocks
Virus detection – even when particularly stubborn malware deactivates the virus canner in Windows, the virus scanner can help in a live system
Secure deletion of data from hard disks before a computer is sold or thrown out, to prevent data falling into the wrong hands
Network data recovery when Windows will not start and no external hard drive is available – enable access to a hard drive on a malfunctioning PC with the First Aid Kit and use another Windows or Mac computer to find, view and copy folders and files

More rescue tools

Reset forgotten Windows passwords
Reset shell entries in the Registry (e.g. ransomware, shell experiments)
Registry Editor
Convert hard drives to images for virtual machines (e.g. when a computer is about to be replaced but some old Windows programs will still be used)
Backup data on DVD
Detailed recovery at block level
Locate partitions (e.g. when an attempt to change partitions goes amiss)
Detailed health reports, particularly for hard drives and SSDs Remote access (client and server) – if you don’t know what to do, simply ask a friend to help, or conversely, solve your old Auntie’s PC problems using TeamViewer, SSH or VNC


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