First look at ScreenStyler, a Windows customization tool


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Aug 17, 2014
ScreenStyler is a free desktop customization tool for Windows. The program is available as a beta version for Windows right now, and makes use of the established programs Rainmeter and RocketDock.

The 120 Megabyte download is hosted on Mediafire and not the project website. While that may reduce trust in the project, a check on Virustotal returned 0 hits.

Note: ScreenStyler is beta software. It is not recommended to install it on production systems yet. Beta software may contain bugs or issues. In any event, it is recommended to create a backup before proceeding with the installation of the application.

The program installs RocketDock and suggests to install Rainmeter during installation. The wallpaper functionality is powered by ScreenStyler, widgets come from Rainmeter, and the dock from RocketDock.

The main interface links to a "learn the basics" tutorial, which links to a video hosted on YouTube. It is a good watch for users who are new to the project, as it provides a top level overview of the functionality that is provided.

Styles are at the center of ScreenStyler. A style consists of wallpapers, widgets, a dock and, in the future, other applications.

When you start using the program, you may create your own style from scratch or use an existing style and customize it to your liking. There is no option to import the existing layout, e.g. the icons that are on the desktop, so that they are included automatically in the dock or elsewhere.

screenstyler change wallpaper

The three main tools to do so that found on the left sidebar. There is Wallpaper, to change wallpaper related settings, widgets, to add, customize or remove widgets from the screen, and dock, which displays or hides the dock.

ScreenStyler supports a number of different wallpaper types. You may select one of the included wallpapers, use a solid color or gradient, use one of the linked wallpaper resources -- wallhaven is supported only at this point -- to download new wallpapers, or use a wallpaper from the local system. Layered wallpapers will be supported in the future, and you may check out two demo wallpapers to explore the feature.

The application lacks support for animated wallpapers. Check out Lively or AutoWall if you want those.

Widget functionality is powered by Rainmeter. ScreenStyler supports a number of widgets, including clock, calendar, buttons to enable functionality such as mute or dark mode, system information and more.

Icons may also be placed on the desktop. These may be placed on the desktop or the dock, and include support for websites and programs.

The Dock is disabled by default. Once enabled, you may select its position the side or top/down location, its size and style. Use the icons section to add program or website icons to the dock.

ScreenStyler has a couple of extra options in the settings. Note that some of these, like the ability to place the Windows taskbar at the top or sides, may not work on Windows 11 at the time of writing.

Other options include overriden High DPI settings and the aspect ratio, changing the screen corner roundness, and switching time, date and weather metrics.

New styles can be saved, exported and applied to the current system.

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