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Jan 8, 2011
Problems with Windows 10 Creators Update?

I have found that trying the Built-in Troubleshooter may be able to solve the issues, depending on the severity of them.

You can find this in the Settings or from start menu. Type: "troubleshoot".

upload_2017-4-9_21-59-18.png upload_2017-4-9_22-0-2.png

Troubleshooting in Windows 10 Creators Update - you can find a range of possible tools to help solve any existing issues. Example: Suggestions for fixing Windows Store.

upload_2017-4-9_22-0-22.png upload_2017-4-9_22-9-49.png

This is very good starting point for most Windows-specific issues.

If you continue to experience on-going issues, you can try your luck here at MalwareTips for a solution.

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