Fix Chrome & Edge’s “An error occurred while checking for updates. Updater is currently running “


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Apr 24, 2016
You may occasionally see an error with the Chromium browser that informs updater is currently running, refresh in a minute to complete the update. If you run pre-release versions of Chrome and Edge that are in development such as Canary, you tend to see this error more often, here is how you can fix that issue.

Sometimes, the update errors that appear in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are hard to understand and solve. We’ve covered many Chrome update errors such as update server not available or update failed error 7.

Here is another different error related to updates:

“An error occurred while checking for updates. The updater is currently running. Refresh in a minute to check again. ”

It is worth noting that the issue may be solved by restarting the computer. If you don’t want to restart your system with many applications open, then the following steps provide a quick fix to the issue.

I. Google Chrome
  1. While Chrome’s about page is open, launch Task Manager on Windows
  2. Click on the Processes tab, scroll down to “Background Processes”
  3. Click on the End Task button for two “Google Installer(32-bit)” processes
  4. Switch to Chrome about page and reload this time error won’t be shown, the update will be downloaded and you’ll be asked to restart to install it.
II. Microsoft Edge

1. Open Task Manager
2. Click on the “Processes” Tab and reach “Background Processes”
3. Find and kill “Microsoft Edge Installer” processes
4. Switch to Edge about page and check for updates again. This time, the update will be downloaded and installed. You need to restart Edge to apply the updates.

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