Troubleshoot Flash player and sites not working


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Aug 31, 2014
Done everything I can think of and certain sites that require flash STILL failing to load:(

I also keep getting a message that Ghostery and uBlock Origin are conflicting over some javascript thing and causing an extension error.:eek:

Any ideas out there peeps?:D
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Since you mentioned some sort of conflict between the two security extensions you have enabled (Ghostery and uBlock Origin), can you please disable both extensions and then retry the specific websites which have stopped working, and then report back if the issue was resolved (if it resolves after disabling the extensions then it implies it was due to an extension conflict).

As an addition to this: do you have any desktop Anti-Virus products or any web-protection extensions installed?; did you make any important changes around the time of the issue arising?; have you attempted to white-list the websites which have stopped working in your browser extensions (if possible)?; and if possible could you elaborate on the details, such as some examples of the websites which have stopped working?
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