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@Nico@FMA : I see there are some versions for Linux distros listed on the website :) Nice

And Windoof 10 as well.

@Umbra yes buddy i am alive and kicking lol.
I have been very very busy lots of crap did happen Cyber Security wise. Since i got dutch clients who have companies based in various nations around the world i was forced to travel a lot hence i was not available on MT.

Yes it always has been the plan to support various OS types.
It just took LOTS of work and time. But as you can see its there.

Anyway guys as mentioned soon we will release all our software for home users which will include free, and commercial versions.
EFFECTIVE putting the skeptic's and morons who keep filling my email box with bullshit to bed.
@Umbra knows what i am talking about but i will not go into details here.
That said i have been working so hard on my software and my team which i will introduce to all of you soon has been ACE.
Some of the guys i work with have been working like 16 hours a day not because i asked them to but because they wanted to.
FMA Intel-Secure did have so much crap to endure by third party people and so called pony research analysts who all seem to know everything.
But in the last meeting between our team and our clients, we ended up laughing (REALLY hard) considering what these kids tried to do.
You know its kinda funny that when a person has success there will be always hawks who like to see you fall.
This has been for months like this, every day i got people mailing me (@Umbra and other staff you know who they are lol)

Anyway i am saying this public because i want to make a point:
One could like FMA or hate it for that matter, one might consider my products GREAT and others might consider it crap, and thats ok.
But in the end of the day what does not kill you makes you stronger and guess what? FMA 3.0 is alive, its kicking and currently in the progress of getting all the certifications needed in order to put all the cynical and critical people on the sideline.

So i am happy and my team is on FIRE.
And the best thing? I never asked my team anything, yet they gave me everything the harder people where talking smack about me the more my team did step forward.

Soon its harvest time, and boy o boy i am so looking forward to it.



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@Umbra Why exactly Symantec? I think hes using Symantec himself :)

Yes i do use SEP both at home and during my worktime. It just rocks in its own field.
However on my other computers i do actually have my own products running and so far its working just as well.

Just a private joke with @Nico@FMA :D
Joke what joke? Lmao. let me give you the download link of their newest SEP:

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