Malware Alert FreakOut botnet now attacks vulnerable video DVR devices


Level 37
Feb 4, 2016
A new update to the FreakOut (aka Necro, N3Cr0m0rPh) Python botnet has added a recently published PoC exploit for Visual Tools DVR in its arsenal to further aid in breaching systems.

Mining Monero on a DVR​

Researchers at Juniper Threat Labs have analyzed a recent sample of the malware, and warn that Visual Tools DVR VX16 from is being targeted with an exploit for a CVE-less flaw.
The targeted device is a digital video recorder used in professional-grade surveillance video equipment installations, supporting up to 16 cameras and live video transmission to two monitors.
Compromising a DVR device could allow the threat actors to spread laterally in an internal corporate network that the DVR resides on. Additionally, the device could be incorporated into the botnet’s DDoS swarm.