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SterJo NetStalker v.1.3 - Free Computer Protection
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Having confidential information on your computer requires better care for your PC security. Some program on your computer may send that type information to someone, which you definitely don't want. So it's better to prevent it with a network monitoring software. If you're concerned about your network security, and want to be sure you have the proper PC protection, there is a special program. A solution for your computer protection is called SterJo NetStalker. It is network monitoring software - not a firewall, but makes the same thing for you and works on similar priciples as a firewall.

Free Computer Protection

SterJo NetStalker is security software made specially for your PC protection. It will detect all connections to your computer, both authorized and unauthorized, and alert you for every new connection.

It is kind of a free firewall - not a classic firewall as we know it, but rather a monitoring software, which will display details about all connections on your PC. Analysing all open ports on your system will be done in less then a second. SterJo NetStalker will also analyse all running processes on your computer. That's especially useful when processes look suspicious, so this free computer protection software will work like a firewall software and inform you when your PC security is threatened.

How is SterJo NetStalker working?


This simple application works as a firewall software. It will protect your PC from any unwanted internet activity. It will watch on TCP and UDP connections which are currently enabled by services and applications you have running on your PC. Being a network traffic monitor it means that it will monitor your network traffic (for free). You will be able to block any unwanted process which is the result of internet access.

After launching the application, it will automatically scan all services and processes currently running on your PC. They will be listed under the Activity tab and you will also be able too see info related to local and remote IP addresses, and port, as well as the current status of the service. A status bar will inform you about all these connection's activity. If this internet traffic monitor notices any suspicious process that could be harmful for your PC security, a window will pop up so you will be able to quit the process and destroy it, or to allow the process to access the internet. This network monitoring software is smart enough to block those processes that don't hold with your network rules you've defined.

You can choose between Accept and reject action. To define the rules, go to the Policy tab. To add new rules, use the "Add a New Rule" option. You will get some pre-configured policies in order to help you get started. They can also be modified later. The Security menu is offering you to change modes of the application, so you can allow, filter or block the traffic. You may also pause the traffic. SterJo NetStalker is that simple.

One of the possibilities this free network monitoring software offers you is to track all the internet activity and be saved in files. There is the Log tab that saves all the logs and the History tab that saves all the actions you make.

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- on CrowdInspect Software License Agreement

What Is CrowdInspect?

CrowdInspect is a free community tool for Microsoft Windows systems that helps alert you to the presence of potential malware on your network. It is a host-based process inspection tool utilizing multiple sources of information to detect untrusted or malicious process and network-active applications. Beyond simple network connections, CrowdInspect associates the connection entry with the process that is responsible for that activity. CrowdInspect captures process name, the entry’s process ID number, local port, local IP address, remote port, remote IP address and reverse resolved DNS name of the remote IP address.

CrowdInspect records details of any entry that is associated with a remote IP address and maintains a chronological list of those accessed. You may click the “Live/History” toolbar button to switch between the regular live process window and the network history list window.

Please review our Privacy Policy at CrowdStrike Privacy Policy

CrowdInspect does not need to be uninstalled. It does not have a separate uninstaller. Instead, all you need to do to remove it is to move it to the Recycle Bin or delete it.
- because it's portable.
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TCPView - download on :

    • Publisher: Microsoft
    • Version: 3.0.5
    • OS: Windows
    • Category: Network Traffic Analyzers
TCPView is a handy little program that allows you to see the network activity on your computer. When run, you will be able to see what remote devices or computers that your individual programs are communicating with as well as what programs are waiting for connections.
It's portable, of course.

Glasswire - download link too on :

    • Version:
    • OS: Windows
    • Category: Network Traffic Analyzers
GlassWire is a free network monitoring tool that displays and alerts you about the network traffic originating from your computer. This allows you to quickly see what applications are communicating over the network and the Internet, how much bandwidth they are using, and what hosts they are connecting to. GlassWire also maintains a database of suspicious sites and will alert you when you attempt to visit one of them. Last, but not least, GlassWire includes an easy to use application firewall that allows you to block specific applications from communicating over a network and the Internet.


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