Technology Frying pan company sued for claiming temperatures that rival the Sun


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Jan 8, 2011
A lawsuit accuses SharkNinja of misleading customers by saying its nonstick cookware were made at 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
While SharkNinja is the company best known for its Shark robovacs and Ninja kitchen gadget, this lawsuit takes issue with the Ninja NeverStick Premium Cookware collection, a line of pots and pans it advertises as having superior nonsticking and nonflaking qualities thanks to its manufacturing process.
Instead of making its pans at a measly 900-degree temperature that other brands use, SharkNinja says it heats up the cookware to a maximum of 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
But Patricia Brown, the person who filed this lawsuit, isn’t buying it. As cited in Brown’s lawsuit, NASA recently said the “surface of the Sun is a blisteringly hot 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit,” meaning SharkNinja’s manufacturing process reaches about three times that temperature.

Not only that, but Brown argues that heating up SharkNinja’s pans to this temperature is a “physical impossibility,” given that aluminum vaporizes into gas at 4,478 degrees Fahrenheit. The lawsuit also points out that SharkNinja advertises the pan as oven-safe up to only 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Apr 16, 2017
I was just reading a joke sent on Whatsapp, guess what it had frying pan in it.
Dad and son cuss too much, and mom has had enough. One night she tells them both, "I hear anymore profanity, and so help me, I will not be responsible for my reaction!"

The next morning, mom gets up and heads downstairs to the kitchen to start breakfast. Dad follows her and mom asks, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Dad says, "Let's have some f***in' pancakes."

Mom grabs the nearest frying pan, swings it at dad, knocks him out cold, and he falls to the floor. As this happens, son walks into the kitchen and sees the entire incident. Mom looks at her son and asks, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Son says, "I sure as s*** don't want any f***in' pancakes."

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