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Malware Hunter
Release 17.6 beta 1 (4.10.692):
New features:
  • When banking protection is terminated, all information from clipboard is wiped.
  • Counters of files scanned, web sites verified etc visible in the user interface of the product. Known issue: the counter of files blocked by real-time scanning does not include unwanted and potentially unwanted applications blocked, it only includes harmful files.
  • A pop-up reminder about restarting the computer is shown when malware removal by real-time or scheduled scanning (or a malfunction) requires the computer to be restarted.
  • The "Time limits" feature has been renamed to "Device use limits"; the functionality of the feature remains unchanged. Note that this change is only visible in English in this release.
Fixed Issues:
  • Banking session does not activate when entering site (PBL-4502)
  • Problems with shell extension scan (PBL-4489)
  • Banking protection crash (PBL-4472)
  • Memory leak in banking protection (PBL-4465)
  • Removed file infection reported wrongly as not cleaned up (PBL-4463)
  • Cannot login to op.fi if clicked end to banking protection flyer before login with Chrome (PBL-4458)
  • '?' image shown in main UI (PBL-4449)
  • Scan for malware context menu option opens a message box (PBL-4434)
  • "Not enough memory(?) for launching application. Close some applications and re-try"-notification. (SAFE_BUG-02625, PBL-4426)
  • Strange points with Added (filter) string to Allowed/Denied websites list. (SAFE_BUG-02641, PBL-4418)
  • Crash in in virus protection (PBL-4405)
  • Help / LOC : Kind of mistakes. (SAFE_BUG-02628, PBL-4399)
  • I cant open my scan report (SAFE_BUG-02619, PBL-4380)
  • Event history crash in Swedish product when scanning event more information link clicked (PBL-4378)
  • Wrong error during installation if 80 MB are left on drive (PBL-4376)
  • Google Search Sometimes F-Secure Rating logo is pump up over the title of search result. (SAFE_BUG-02604, PBL-4367)
  • S-Pankki authentication failures (SAFE_BUG-02577, PBL-4341)
  • Network installer using files from wrong location (PBL-4325)
  • ES/DE etc: Main GUI buttons don't fit after installation (PBL-4238)
  • No Ability to Setup Family Rules if Initially Declined (PBL-4035)
  • Simplified Chinese translation is not accurate (SAFE_BUG-02487, PBL-3998)
Release 17.6 beta 2 (4.10.1248):
New features:
  • Some user interfaces have been implemented using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. If you don't have it installed, it will be automatically installed during installation or update from previous version.
  • About dialog re-implemented with .NET as proof of concept.
Fixed Issues:
  • Protection Count View Switching Confusing (PBL-4581)
  • Blockpage occasionally warns about ".W: PluginStateBlockPage::HandleHttpsScan: Unknown request type 5" (PBL-4566)
  • Updated strings for Statistics are OK - but based on its 'length' there is concern. (SAFE_BUG-02694, PBL-4562)
  • Localized "Time Limits" updated to "Device Use Limits" and trouble with "Administrator Rights Notification" is back. (SAFE_BUG-02691, PBL-4558)
  • Troubles around Scanning (strange state with zipped scans AND dropped detections during certain timeframe). (SAFE_BUG-02689, PBL-4555)
  • "Device use limits" change causes cut element in bg and ru (PBL-4552)
  • Troubles around Scanning (strange state with zipped scans AND dropped detections during certain timeframe). (SAFE_BUG-02689, PBL-4551)
  • Troubles around Scanning (strange state with zipped scans AND dropped detections during certain timeframe). (SAFE_BUG-02689, PBL-4550)
  • ODS detected infections increment OAS detected infections counter (SAFE_BUG-02679, PBL-4543)
  • Installation Failed on Windows 10 (PBL-4541)
  • No restart prompt when OneClient upgrade is waiting for restart (PBL-4540)
  • Restart needed in Windows 7 after upgrade but no notification sent for user (PBL-4538)
  • More Power Consumption (SAFE_BUG-02687, PBL-4537)
  • Information Missing for Malware Detection (PBL-4526)
  • Did not detect license any more (SAFE_BUG-02684, PBL-4524)
  • User can hide (?) Help symbol under Main UI. (SAFE_BUG-02682, PBL-4518)
  • LOC: Statistics Main UI (two). (SAFE_BUG-02680, PBL-4516)
  • Banking session does not activate when entering site (PBL-4502)
  • Setup flow cosmetic issue (PBL-4493)
  • Banking dll crashing (PBL-4472)
  • Memory leak in fs_ccf_ni_plg_banking_protection64 (PBL-4465)
  • Browser extension tab visible in settings window when AV only (PBL-4443)
  • Sometimes F-Secure Rating logo is bump up over the title of search result. (SAFE_BUG-02604, PBL-4367)
  • S-Pankki authentication failures (SAFE_BUG-02577, PBL-4341)
One of the biggest change is that UI seems to move away from Qt. Namely, new UI is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 which brings many advantages - especially RAM usage reduction.

Even though it is not related to beta's build, I found interesting article:
Getting a grasp on AI and Machine Learning in cyber security
... the in-house malware detection engine, Hydra, in 2008.
“Engine Team collaborated closely with the Anti Malware Technologies Team that developed other client-side components, including DeepGuard, BlackLight, and Gemini – a machine-learning based malware detection engine used in conjunction with our client-side behavioral analysis logic.”
Finally some little info on Hydra and Virgo (I guess Virgo is new name for Gemini).

In another news:
Re: f-secure engines - F-Secure Community - 114383
We will soon release a new engine generation for one of our core engines, which will provide various improvements that are essential in combating the more adaptive and targeted attackers of the future. The new engine generation will be released in an update to all officially supported product versions, as well as to VirusTotal’s file verification service.
I'm secretly hoping it is something new, not Capricorn (Avira) engine...:D
Asked for confirmation.

My expressions: I've been running FS Protection beta for over a year and I'm really satisfied with the quality. I've reported some bugs, but all in all the software runs really smooth in my system - fast and stable.
One minus side is that sometimes I notice slowdown with newly downloaded file. It looks as if FS is doing cloud checkup on the file and (usually installer) icon is not visible during "checkup". Nor could I open or run it. Fortunately it does not happen often.
Moreover, the FP rate from DeepGuard blocking "new" files has drastically lowered. I used to get a lot more "FP-s" from DeepGuard (reputation block) (y)

Join beta testing at
Beta Programs | F-Secure Labs
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Lord Ami

Level 19
Malware Hunter
Release 17.6 beta 3 (4.10.1709):

New features:
  • About dialog layout changed a bit
Fixed Issues:
  • About window is crashing (PBL-4748)
  • Settings, list row height (PBL-4737)
  • Setting UI default open size (PBL-4727)
  • About window is crashing (PBL-4726)
  • F-Secure.About crash dmp found in trunk 4.10.1517 (PBL-4721)
  • Bug or software feature? (SAFE_BUG-02709, PBL-4719)
  • Copyright notices shown twice (PBL-4703)
  • Layout&size of the default Setting UI (PBL-4702)
  • Setting UI elevated but Windows shield not hide and UAC still prompt the 2nd time (PBL-4700)
  • Black triangle in About box (PBL-4699)
  • Settings UI not open or opened with broken style (PBL-4693)
  • Upgrade failed because operating system is not supported (PBL-4688)
  • Missing Update server link if localized (PBL-4686)
  • About window is not opening (PBL-4683)
  • Safe search not working for google, yahoo etc but working for youtube (PBL-4673)
  • Search rating icons are broken for Firefox (PBL-4672)
  • Browsing protection or content blocking not working after channel upgrade from 17.4 to 17.5 (PBL-4668)
  • About box taskbar F-icon turned to blank when 'Pin to taskbar' (PBL-4667)
  • FS Protection SAPC 17.6 Failed to Upgrade from Beta-1 to Beta-2 (PBL-4659)
  • Family rules tab should not show 'No content limits have been set.' (PBL-4653)
  • Dutch language customization: Text truncated on support tool (PBL-4652)
  • Globe icon color is not customised (PBL-4651)
  • About doesn't drop elevation for links inside scrollable area (PBL-4650)
  • Wrong terminology for the subscription renewal in Ru localization (PBL-4647)
  • Family Rules not correctly/fully blocking Fortnite when reaching time limits (PBL-4641)
  • About window not closed with 'ESC' key (PBL-4638)
  • Integrity Error if launch the installer after it requires reboot (PBL-4636)
  • Continuation of the installation might fail with error after reboot (PBL-4632)
  • "Will try again" and not succeeding with upgrade (PBL-4618)
  • Browsing protection and Virus protection off status show different text on main ui (PBL-4614)
  • About dialog icon looks pixellated (PBL-4610)
  • Cannot select and copy the product version number from About dialog (PBL-4605)
  • Language is equal to "xx" in all migration .net installer events (PBL-4582)
  • LOC: Updated strings for Statistics are OK - but based on its 'length' there is concern. (SAFE_BUG-02694, PBL-4562)
  • PUSH registration errors (PBL-4547)
  • Remove unnecessary errors from COSMOS log (PBL-4530)
  • [kor, jpn, chs, chz, zhh] Setup page have much bigger font than others (PBL-4492)
  • Allow/deny list does not work for non punycoded/%-coded domain names (PBL-4468)
  • AUA (GUTS2) hang on stop found in production (PBL-4407)
  • Help: Descriptions for Categories / Content Types. (SAFE_BUG-02630, PBL-4401)
  • Help / LOC : Wording concerns. (SAFE_BUG-02629, PBL-4400)
  • Help / LOC : Listed localized hyperlinks, but opened unlocalized page in fact. (SAFE_BUG-02627, PBL-4397)
  • LOC/RU: ValueComms strings (SAFE_BUG-02546, PBL-4267)

Pictures (UI work in progress):