Level 22
Malware Hunter

FS Protection PC Release 209
New features:

New ransomware protection feature has been turned on. Please report if you have issues with any of your applications.

Fixed issues:


Computer Security - Excessive scanning time (UFO-2126)
  • Funny scan report and events list with Unicode bidirectional control characters in file names (SAFE_BUG-02160, CTS-100431)
  • Registration with Windows Security Center failed (CTS-100469)
Browsing Protection:
  • Banking Protection blocking known banking site in Internet Explorer (CTS-100427)
  • Online Safety widget crash (CTS-100458)
  • Block page has an old elevation icon (CTS-100193)

Lord Ami

Level 19
Malware Hunter
Thanks for mentioning me (grabbed my attention ;)).

I've been running the beta for well over a year and I would consider it extremely stable. Nothing game-breaking to report - it's been working solid and stable for me.
Being beta program makes it prone to errors/instability and it could even (theoretically) destroy your Windows. But that is far too extreme - FS seems to be on the safe side, releasing stable enough builds. I would recommend... but be sure to have failsafe/backups in case something would happen. Again, over a year - all good, no BOSDs or similar.