FxSound promises to improve the sound quality on Windows


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Apr 24, 2016
FxSound is a free audio program for Microsoft Windows devices that is designed to improve the quality of sound playback.

FxSound was a commercial application called DFX Audio Enhance previously, but the developers decided to turn it into a free application.

Installation of FxSound is traightforward. Just download the latest version from the developer website and run the installer to install it on the system. The main interface displays the current audio output device as well as the selected preset.

FxSound ships with more than ten presets, including sound presets for watching movies, playing games, boosting bass or streaming video. The selection of a preset modifies the sound settings that FxSound provides in the interface.

Interested users may download bonus presets from the developer website. Presets for various music genres, including rock, country and 80's are available for download.

FxSound promises to improve the sound quality on the Windows device "by targeting and processing sound’s timbre, volume, spatial balance, and dynamics". The effect is "clearer, louder, deeper, and balanced audio".

An equalizer is provided as well as sliders for clarity, ambience, surround sound, dynamic boost and bass boost. Each of these can be changed and custom presets may be saved as new presets so that they can be loaded whenever they should be used.

Usage is easy, and the sound quality does change depending on the selected preset or changes that you make. The outcome depends on several factors, including the audio devices of the system and the source of sound.

FxSound has a few interesting presets that promise to improve the quality of certain sounds. There is the voice preset to improve speech, the gaming preset that promises to improve the quality of sound in computer games, and several TV and movie presets that promise to improve the quality of media.


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Apr 7, 2016
I use it and it certainly improves audio (y)
Wow. This is indeed exiting news. I have not tried it yet, but will download and test it ASAP. I'm listening to Tidal hi-fi through KEF LS 50W II with KC 62 subwoofer, and I'm curious whether this new program can add anything good to that. Usually something like this, is something audiophiles avoid like the plague, but I have to test it before I can judge. Exiting stuff. Thanks!


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Feb 4, 2016
Ive been using "DFX Sound premium" many many years ago and in the past few years ive also been using "FX Sound premium" on all my PCs. It is (and was) a great improvement. But two years ago i decided to switch to external sound cards offering similar sound improvements/'tweaks' like 'crystalizer', bass enhancer, equalizer, etc: Creative Soundblaster E5 and Creative SoundblasterX G6.