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I noticed there is a custom install option. Can you install/not install any module? And does that increase/decrease number of processes?


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AFAIK @nsm0220 has used G-Data for many years.

What issues do you have with applications running multiple processes?

A custom installation allows you to define what components should be installed. G-Data Total Protection set to Minimal only installs Anti-Virus. If this is the case, download/try/buy G-Data Antivirus instead of Internet Security/Total Security.

Screenshots: G-Data Total Security w/ Anti-Virus only (& Settings)

2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png

Source: G-Data in VM.


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I have tried G Data in the past.
For me it's a good security program with good signatures, a very good web filter and an excellent behavioral blocker.
But i have a 7 and a half years old laptop and because of that i had experienced slow browsing.
Unfortunately i haven't tried the settings for slow computer to see how it performs.
Maybe i could have normal browsing speed, i don't know.
Overall it's a good software.

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Let me know what u think about it because I want to install it but afraid because last time I used it slow down my Internet because it scan every thing before downloading and then let it download
My laptop has 6 GB RAM

I installed G Data Internet Security 2016
Custom Install i.e installed only AV & FW.
It seems good overall i.e system boot, programs response, browsing, etc...

The installer is app 225 MB. When you install it mention "Downloading setup components". Guess it downloads the databases. And databases seems very huge as it took 15-20 Mins on my 4 MBPS connection. Databases seems app 500 MB + as per my data plan i.e I checked my data plan after completing install & app 600 MB was reduced.
Overall the component download + install took app 25-30 Mins here.

GUI, settings, options, etc... are good.
9 Processes. Not doing anything around 70 MB. Browsing with Chrome around 150 MB.

And seems PUP protection is good.

Overall seems good.

I dont like too many processes. Its personal thing.
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