GData Antivirus or (Malwarebytes + Windows Defender) ?

  • GData Antivirus

    Votes: 24 55.8%
  • Malwarebytes + Windows Defender

    Votes: 19 44.2%
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Mahesh Sudula

Level 17
Couple of the tests at the hub, proved W.defender is weak or either over smart(SMART SCREEN)-> Blocks each and every new file with no real content analysis.
G data and W.Defender are two different competitors under "AV" Banner.
Paid and Free av have their pros definetly.

Pros and Cons can be seen from the hub tests .
I vote G Data-> since it is out of the box with no tweaks.
Dual engine, Automated BB, deep ray, Clean removal against unknown malware.
Either tweaked WD might be ok.but i differ personally.
I dont want heavy luggage, rather a simple one that lifts heavy weight by itself:)


Level 21
Gdata, because dual-engine with bitdefender and own signatures, one of the best behavior blocker on the market and
their new "deep ray" technology. see following link -> Deepray Explanation
Malwarebytes is for me more a second protection layer who supports your main av or default deny system.
Hello @amico81
Thanks, what do you mean by "second layer" ?
GData + Malwarebytes, both on real time ?

Dave Russo

Level 13
Gdata has gotten a lot of slack for being a resource hog{but well known for protection},I just think Windows defender plus malwarebytes,will make Gdata seem light,you will find out {if you do not know yet} that windows Defender is a stand up product,{see,just scroll down from homepage to microsoft,the many tweaks and advice found on this site}will help in your

Mahesh Sudula

Level 17
One more thing :
I have been testing AVG Free for past 3 weeks (IN VM for first week), then on host.
Results: Avg software analyzer maintained "CLEAN SHEET" in the entire 3 week tests.
Completely automated, clean removal, BB is not tied to any of other components.

i can say probably "THE BEST" in freemium category > i absolutely don see any cons!!
Just go ahead and use it. disable adds, telemetry, threat statistics (if required) in settings.
Absolutely stunned by its work ! Paid kaspersky, G Data -> AVG Freemium


Level 27
Realtime Malwarebytes has a few benefits for average users. First it has exploit protection, secondly it provides pretty good web filtering. For some people who don't need to do lots of tweaking and free up every resource possible this can be a good addition to WD, but not everyone. I've run MB + WD on multiple systems and if you have the RAM it's not a problem (unless you move large files a lot, then it's a bummer).


Level 17
Content Creator
For me i would choose WD, but instead of using Malwarebytes, I would just use configure defender and configure it to max and pair it up with either Voodooshield, or OSA. Or you can try out hard configurator.;)

Personally I think WD has improved quite a lot, especially on the protection side of things. The main benefit of malwarebytes would be its web protection which is quite good, but in all honesty you can just use their browser extension for that if you wanted to use malwarebytes.;)

Furthermore WD seems to have the least issues when it comes to compatibility, a lot of 3rd parties are getting some flack now because their causing issues, such as https cert issues, etc.. The FP thing really isn't as big of a deal as it's made out to be. I've had zero issues with that in all my times using WD. Not saying it can't happen, people have had issues, but people have also had issues with FP with 3rd parties as well. Personally I say gove both a try and see for yourself, especially since you have licences, but I honestly think that WD has come anlong ways and is more than capable.


Level 32
It comes down to your personal views over which is better for yourself; resources or protection.
Light on resources: MBAM + WDAV
Great protection (but high on resources): GData.