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Jul 1, 2020
Phone brand
Phone model
Phone OS
Phone OS updates
Manual updates
Phone unlock
Biometric security
    • Fingerprint(s)
    • Apple FaceID / TouchID
SIM card lock
Protected by a PIN code
Find my Phone
Security & Privacy Apps
None except Google Play Protect & MIUI Security.
Bromite with Adblock & DNS Level Filtering from Adguard DNS set in the Router.
File and Photo backup
None. I make manual backups.
Notable changes
06 July 2020:

Enabled SIM Lock.
Enabled Encryption.
Replaced Microsoft Edge with Bromite.
Replaced Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard with Simple Keyboard.
Replaced LastPass with KeePass DX.
Removed many apps to reduce the attack surface and for better privacy. Can use Uber, OLA & Google Maps using Browser.

ForgottenSeer 77207

Thread author
Rooted Phone with most of the Xiaomi's & Google Bloatware removed. I have reduced the attack surface by limiting the number of apps. I use computer for the financial stuff.

My plan is to eventually degoogle my phone. I have taken some steps in this direction and eventually will get rid of Google Apps once there are alternative available for some of my apps.

List of Apps installed in my Phone:
  1. Aegis Authenticator (Open Source) - 2 Factor Authentication App.
  2. AFWall+ (Open Source) - Default Deny Firewall. Requires Root Access to function.
  3. Autoinput - It helps me automate actions on my screen and I pair this with Tasker.
  4. Bromite (Open Source) - Secure Web Browser.
  5. CRED - It allows me to track and make my credit card payments.
  6. EDS Lite (Open Source) - Encryption App and can read VeraCrypt containers.
  7. F-Droid (Open Source) - FOSS App Store.
  8. Gmail.
  9. Joplin (Open Source) - Note taking app.
  10. KeePassDX (Open Source) - Password Manager. Migrated from LastPass to KeePass.
  11. KLWP.
  12. Let Me Sleep Pro.
  13. Magisk Manager.
  14. Migrate-GPE.
  15. Mixplorer - I give this app root access temporarily if I need to access system files.
  16. Nova Launcher.
  17. Plex.
  18. Pushover.
  19. Remote Fingerprint Unlock.
  20. Simple Keyboard (Open Source) - Simple keyboard with only vibrate permission.
  21. Skype.
  22. Microsoft SMS Organizer.
  23. Syncthing (Open Source)
  24. Tasker - I use Tasker to automate a lot of workflows. I also have a workflow from security point of view which identifies a particular finger of mine if press will trigger surveillance (audio recording) and lock down the phone (disable face unlock, fingerprint unlock, disable notifications and the phone can be unlocked via PIN only). I also have a workflow which disables fingerprint and face unlock during my sleep hours automatically. App requires root access to make changes like this.
  25. Unified Remote.
  26. UTS - It's a railway ticket booking app.
  27. WhatsApp
  28. Zoho Mail.

I use TWRP & Migrate-GPE to make system backup and app backups.

Please drop your suggestions and feedback on how can I improve the security of my phone or suggest me alternative apps.
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ForgottenSeer 77207

Thread author
@geekwithlens: disable "Install unknown apps" and of course having rooted the system is a Risk :)

Thank you! I will disable installation of Unknown Apps. I understand rooted system and unlocked bootloader exposes me to risk. It's a trade off which I am willing to take as it allows me to do things which are not possible without root. I have managed to remove all crap apps from Xiaomi and Google. None of the Xiaomi system services are able to call Home. I am manually updating the phone. Google Play, Google Play Services & Gmail are the only Google Apps being able to communicate with network. All thanks to the Firewall. I feel more secure this way.

Edit: Can't disable Unknown Apps. I am on Android 10. So the permission is not OS-wide and to individual apps. I have enabled this permission for F-Droid App to update apps.
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