Scam Genuine threat or scam ?

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Apr 30, 2020
i wonder if anyone can provide clarity?
I received this email this afternoon. Despite knowing it’s most likely a scam, my paranoia is getting the best of me. Just wondering if anyone can help solve this?


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Jan 24, 2022
Hey Guys, just got this email

"Hi. How are you?I know, it's unpleasant to start the conversation with bad news, but I have no choice.
Few months ago, I have gained access to your devices that used by you for internet browsing.
Afterwards, I could track down all your internet activities.Here is the history of how it became possible:
At first, I purchased from hackers access to multiple email accounts (nowadays, it is a really simple thing to do online).As result, I could easily access all your email accounts including this one (--------) i am contacting you with.One week later, I installed Trojan virus in Operating Systems of all devices of yours, which you use to open email.Frankly speaking, it was rather straightforward (since you were opening the links from your inbox emails).Everything ingenious is quite simple. (o_0)!
My software enables me with access to control all inside devices of yours, like microphone, keyboard and video camera.I could easily download to my servers all your private info, including the history of web browsing and photos.I can effortlessly gain access to all your messengers, social networks accounts, emails, contact list as well as chat history.Virus of mine constantly keeps refreshing its signatures (because it is driver-based), and as result remains unnoticed by your antivirus.
Hence, you can already guess why I stayed undetected all this while.As I was gathering information about you, I couldn't help but notice that you are also a true fan of adult-content websites.You actually love visiting porn sites and browsing through kinky videos, while pleasuring yourself.I could make a few dirty records with you in the main focus and montaged several videos showing the way you reach orgasm while masturbating with joy.
If you are still uncertain regarding the seriousness of my intentions,it only requires several mouse clicks for me to forward your videos to all your relatives, as well as friends and colleagues at ---------.I can also make those vids become accessible by public.I honestly think that you do not really want that to happen, considering the peculiarity of videos you like to watch,(you obviously know what I mean) all that kinky content can become a reason of serious troubles for you.However, we can still resolve this situation in the following manner:All you are required to do is a single transfer of $1900 USD to my account (or amount equivalent to bitcoin depending on exchange rate at the moment of transfer),and once the transaction is complete, I will straight away remove all the dirty content exposing you.
After that, you can even forget that you have come across me. Moreover, I swear that all the harmful software will be removed from all devices of yours as well.Make no doubt that I will fulfill my part.This is really a good deal that comes at a reasonable price, given that I have used quite a lot of energy to check your profile as well as traffic over an extended period of time.If you have no idea about bitcoin purchase process - All the necessary information is online.Here is my bitcoin wallet provided below:1Gh64qemDns4AgFdAESDqsYNbA55sCxqex
You should complete the above mentioned transfer within 48 hours (2 days) after opening this email.The following list contains actions you should avoid attempting:#Do not try replying my email (it was sent from your email address to your email address).#Do not try calling law enforcement and abstain from sharing this story with your friends. If this happens (be sure, I can easily find out, given that I keep complete control of all your devices) or if you dont make payment - your kinky video will end up being available to public right away.#Do not try searching for me - there is absolutely no reason to do that. Moreover, all transactions in cryptocurrency are always anonymous.#Do not try deleting evidence from your devices or throwing them away. It is pointless as well, since all your videos have already been uploaded to my servers.The following list contains things you should not be worried about:#That your money won't reach my account.- Rest assured, the transactions can be tracked, once the transaction is complete, i will be notified I will also know about it, because I continuously observe all your activities (my trojan virus allows me to control remotely your devices, same as TeamViewer).#That I still will share your kinky videos to public after you complete money transfer.- Trust me, it's pointless for me to continue troubling your life. If I really wanted, I would make it happen already! I dont know you personallyLet's make this deal in a fair manner!Owh, one more future it is best that you don't involve yourself in similar situations any longer!One last advice from me - recurrently change all your passwords from all accounts."

its scam right or i need to be concerned?
thanks in advance
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