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As you know rogue Av's plague the Internet on unsuspecting users who lack the computer knowledge (or plain common sense, which really isn't that common).

ThexDarksider is a very skilled person (and a mod on malwareup) and is creating a program called "Universal Rogue Activator" (he may change the name). It looks very promising and can help to remove rogue anti-viruses that infect people's pc's.

Here is the Link:

EDIT: Although this looks Illegal and may appear like a "crack" it is really disabling malware. There are plenty of rogues which actually lower their defenses when a user has activated the fake product (if they actually paid for it the hackers are probably tampering with their credit cards).


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This sounds like it could be really cool, but I'm not sure how long this method will work for, since rogue makers will eventually catch up to it. Nevertheless, fantastic idea dark.