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Computer Security Configuration for MalwareTips members
VERSION 1.0 IN 2011
VERSION 2.0 IN 2014
VERSION 2.5 IN 2015
VERSION 3.0 IN 2016
VERSION 3.1 IN 2017
VERSION 2018 FOR 2018
VERSION 2019 FOR 2019

What's New and Improved?
  • New: You can now link your PC Config to your Profile.
  • Improved: A better form filling experience, more custom field choices, text boxes for that extra detail.
What's changed for 2019?
  • Labels are now color coded
What is the Computer Security Configuration?

In this sub forum, users can create their own, unique PC security setups that they use daily. You may receive member feedback on areas of improvement, as well as general advice.​
Bonus: Valid use for your own entry into our Official Giveaways, as maintained by @BoraMurdar and @Exterminator

Getting Started

All members are required to post under the Computer Security Configuration only, to share and ask questions about their own security setup.​

Members are advised to keep a single active topic for their current security config, per year. Users can edit and update their threads, following this guide:​
All previous threads created before 31 December 2018 are archived. You will need a new thread for 2019.

What to call my security setup?

YES: Include your Username - It's make it easier to find your security setup and just looks tidier. For example: Spawn's PC Config 2019
NO: Don't be generic "My Config" - It's simply not helpful nor beneficial to anyone.​

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