Advice Request Glasswire's SHA-256 hash doesn't match the one listed on their website

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Feb 7, 2023
That makes sense but I'm getting different hashes with the same browser, same machine, etc., depending on the day I've downloaded them.
The ga_client_id is a variable. They use cookies to assign this value and append the data Struppigel displayed at the end of the installer. If you’ve cleared the cookies or if you are using anti-tracking software, it’s possible that the ga_client_id will change and from there, the whole hash will be different.
In addition, these cookies may only be valid for certain period of time.

I tried clearing my cookies and the variable changed, a totally different client ID was generated.


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Aug 10, 2013
Struppigel nailed it. They do utm tagging on the frontpage downloads and if you want the installer that matches the checksum get it from the change list page.


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Mar 26, 2023
Can confirm. The latest installer on the GlassWire Change Log list (not the main download page) is indeed signed, and the SHA-256 hash matches up correctly.

Mystery solved. And boy was it a doozy. Those GW devs really wanted things to look a bit shady. They’re marketing a product to security conscious and IT-literate users, and expect them not to match up the hash?
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Mar 26, 2023
Where did you see the UTM tag?


From: Glasswire install file not digitally signed and hash doesn't match
Glasswire install file not digitally signed and hash doesn't match

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