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The backspace keyboard button used as a navigation back function in Google Chrome was removed from the browser in update 52.
They have brought it back now as an extension.Most seem to report that it works fine but the opinions are mixed that they could not have implemented it back into the browser instead of an extension.

Go Back With Backspace

Re-enables the backspace key as a back navigation button (except when writing text).
Go back with the backspace button! This extension re-enables the backspace key as a back navigation button -- except if you're writing text.

Before Chrome 52, the backspace key navigated back (if you weren't writing text). Many people lost their progress while working online by accidentally pressing backspace and leaving a page -- so we removed the feature from Chrome, and created this extension for those who prefer the old behavior.

After this extension is newly installed, enabled, or updated, any open tabs will need to be reloaded for the changes to take effect

This extension can't restore backspace on certain special pages, for example any of the "chrome://" pages such as Settings or Extensions.

About the "all sites" permission: In order to capture backspace on every page, the extension needs to install a little piece of code on each one. It does nothing else with the the page, its information, or your typing.

By installing this item, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at Privacy & Terms – Google.

Go Back With Backspace