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Level 3
He has a license for G Data IS

He's 11 years old.
He want to play some Games like Fortnite Paladins...
Watch YouTube and listen to Music.

What is a good combination for his PC?

Windows 10 Home x64
Pentium G4560
3GB Sapphire Radeon R9 280X
MSI Mortar 250M
8GB Ram DDR4
SSD (250GB)


Level 29
With kids add parental controls to ban Torrent, pr0n and other inappropriate sites.

You need 4 layers of security covered regardless of comp and user. Firewall, AV & Backup.

My recommendation(s) would be for each section:

Firewall: Windows Firewall (which is default) or Comodo Firewall.
AV: Use a user friendly AV, I can suggest Panda Dome Free, Avast or Kaspersky Free
Backup: Macrium Reflect
Web browser: Scriptsafe and an Adblocker

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