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Long-time partner assigns exclusive rights for its technology to Agnitum

St. Petersburg, Russia — August 16, 2012. Agnitum, the PC security expert and manufacturer of the Outpost range of security products, today announces the acquisition of antivirus technology and infrastructure from its long-term partner VirusBuster. From now on, Outpost security solutions will be supported by its own virus lab operating from the corporate headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia....................

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Biozfear said:
What are your views on this matter? A good or a bad move?
I think it will be a good move, VirusBuster was one of the most popular engines to license to third-parties but their own product was never very popular.

VirusBuster got most of its revenue from licensing their engine to third-parties but the lack of sales for their own product made it hard for them to make enough improvements to compare to other vendors.

The lack of improvements also cause many third-parties to move to BitDefender and other AV engines.

I'm not sure if Agnitum will continue to license VirusBuster to third-parties. But if they make the needed improvements and decide to continue to license to third-parties they could make profits.

VirusBuster technology has been licensed to Microsoft, PC Tools, Central Command (Vexira), Proland Software (Protector Plus), Avertive, Clearsight, Commtouch, Defenx (Digital Defender), Preventon, SPAMfighter (VIRUSfighter) and many ISP custom security suites.

So there is a lot of potential profit to be made if Agnitum continues to license to third-party AV vendors and continues to make improvements.



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i think, it depends......

until now, outpost only concentrating only on firewall, now they have to concentrate on both firewall and antivirus..........

on the other side, its good that they now own their own viruslab, they does not have to depends to other viruslab, they can do it their own way......

BTW, using outpost security free for long time, i hope they use it good way, developing their antivirus engine more powerful, ,

virusbuster engine gave them vb100 award 12 times in a row, expecting that to continue........


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Its actually Good. There was mutual sharing of tech between VirusBuster and Agnitum. Agnitums firewall and HIPS tech was used by Virus Buster. Even UI was same almost.


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Agnitum is one perspective company and they had one huge problem - VirusBuster's detection. I really hope that they will improve it now.
Also, I heard that Sophos is taking VirusBuster's offices and a bunch of programmers are transferring to work in Sophos now.
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