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but as compared to Lumia, apple devices are much more superior, again that is my opinion.
Delta- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Apple Phones are excellent, but to my eye the Lumia photos are totally superior, both in quality and the ability to catch distant objects.

As both Lumia and Iphones can both recieve voice calls and are equally competant to get on the Internet; and as no one I know would ever (God Forbid) dare intrude on my solitude with a text, my choice of phones comes down to photo quality.


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Was at a birthday party yesterday and as I'm one of those elder folks, I hate fiddle with phones for any reason when it's food, drinks, coffee, hugs etc and old fashion talking face to face that matters most IMO but some of the young people there couldn't resist begging to test my phones wifi speed against there iPhones and my poor Lumia ofcourse failed hard. The hardware is just plain obsolete but it still works and wouldn't surprise me if it does long after todays iPhones are all dead and gone. :D

I agree with @cruelsister that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but one must also try understand and be aware that during the few years Lumia was released and sold it ofcourse came in different shapes, forms and models and some included extrem cameras that even up to this date I haven't seen in any other phones not matter brand or version.

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Noooooo, not Windows Phone; (We will miss it. I had a Microsoft Lumia running Windows Phone, there was no Instagram or Snapchat, but there were cool games (Agario, Crossy Road) and we could access to his Xbox account directly.It ended up breaking :( RIP 2010-2018