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Due to security reasons and to protect users from malicious software, by default Google Chrome doesn’t allow downloaded files to open automatically but it does offer “Always open files of this type” and “Always open with System Viewer” options in downloads bar for Zip, torrent and PDF files, so that users can select the option once and from then on, downloaded files will automatically open on computer.
This no longer the case from Chrome 72 onward, the option is grayed out for Zip files and still appears for torrent files, Chrome 74, Chrome 75 and Chrome 76 are affected.

always open files of this type grayed out for Zip file

In Chrome 71 and versions released prior to that, if you download a Zip file in Chrome browser, the “Always open files of this type” option is available and can be selected by users if they want to automate the process of opening such files when downloading is complete, however, this can not be done in Chrome 74 and higher versions, Chrome users on Windows and Mac reported about this and Chromium team is aware of this and is investigating.
Do note Chrome still offers “open when done” option, so you can choose that for the time being until option being re-enabled, we’ll let you know if you we have any update on this problem.