Which browser works better for your personal needs?

  • Google Chrome

    Votes: 35 70.0%
  • Vivaldi

    Votes: 15 30.0%
  • Total voters
List of apps to compare
Vivaldi, Google Chrome.
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality
Why I want to compare these apps
Two of the most popular browsers on the forum, why do people think one is better over the other.


Level 15
I am almost ready to make Vivaldi my default browser over Cyberfox if only they could hide the cursor when watching Netflix it is a bit annoying. :rolleyes:
Good choice frogboy, I was impressed by Vivaldis speed and functionality, with lots of configurations and settings which I like. I plan to use it again soon, I bet newer versions will be great.

It's kinda like Opera meets Slimjet.