Others are having the issue too, have you tried running in Compatibility Mode?

I tried to run both web and offline (30mb) installer in SBIE, but neither installed.

PS: Google doesn't like Microsoft. It's a known fact, since Google blocks Youtube playback on WP devices.
Not working for me either on new laptop 8.1 - fine on 7 ultimate. just having to do it longhand via google sign in. Don't like the new windows 8.1 - its 'all over the place' - my husband will never be able to use it!


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I have moved your post to a new thread.

Could you clarify if Google Drive client won't open (as in the thread you originally posted), or are you having an issue with installing Google Drive to your PC?

As of 10 minutes ago, I did install Google Drive on Windows 8.1 Update, 64-bit and everything is working.


I think you see in the task manager if process is started.
The system tray icon can be "removed".