Which would be best for me?

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  • OneDrive

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This is rather a dilemma as I use the best of both Google and Microsoft's ecosystems.

I use an android phone, all built in Google apps, gmail, and photos from my phone get backed up into Google drive, which I currently use. I also store programming projects onto GDrive which I want to have access to from anywhere without apps or software online, and on any device.

I use pretty much all software from Office 365 almost daily (and save it onto G drive anyway despite complex formatting in each file, especially OneNote ). I plan on using an MS account as a login for Windows 10...

I currently have 17GB free GDrive space and 230GB free (30gb after 2 years) ODrive space. Right now, with a couple hundred documents, roughly 30 photos, 500 emails, and about 50 programming projects I use about 1.2GB. I moved away from OneDrive on my old pc as, in Windows 8.1, I had constant problems with syncing files and uploading them took forever or it froze.

For a student, should I simply stick with Google Drive, or move over to OneDrive? Which would be best for my needs?


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Voted: OneDrive - OneDrive is home for any Windows user.

Windows PC with OneDrive - You can sync documents, photos and music to all devices with OneDrive installed.

Documents can be edited online with Office Online, no subscription required. Create new documents with Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android and iOS for free.
Photos can be auto-backed up from Camera Roll (plus increase in OneDrive space) and Videos can be watched directly from OneDrive (or coming soon). Organise with Albums.
Music can be uploaded and streamed to any Xbox Music app for free, no subscription required. Currently available on Windows Phone, coming soon to Android users. No word about iOS yet.
Xbox uses OneDrive to save game clips from Xbox One.

Directly access all of the above from your Windows 8.1 or Window 10 PC using your Microsoft Account for User Login. Great for Sync and Backup for Mobile devices.

As a new Android user, I haven't found any benefits to switching to Google Drive from OneDrive. I use Windows on the laptop and it's easier to view saved files from Android and Camera Roll on my PC, rather than loading up GDrive.

One downside to Android versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is the amount of space it uses, couple hundred MB's space required.


OneDrive... simply because of its integration into Windows. It is what I use... satisfied with it and the OneDrive WIndows App.


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I'm pretty sure Google Drive doesn't have unlimited bandwidth like OneDrive does (someone correct me if I'm wrong about Google Drive). Microsoft also has much higher privacy standards than Google does and I personally believe Microsoft is able to better protect your data. I used to use OneDrive, Google Drive, Box Sync, and Mega all together at one point. OneDrive and Box Sync are the only one's I recommend. Box Sync can't even access your data without your password or if you share it. Same for Mega I think but only have 10GB of free bandwidth per month. I have 50GB's of free on Box Sync and 115GB of free on OneDrive (100GB from redeeming it on Bing - last for 2 years). I also use OneDrive because I can stream my music onto Xbox.


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I used both due to the fact, their starter free memory capacity are really good but OneDrive as an edge where my settings are sync which settings will be remain intact.

Which I can sign my Microsoft account without worries since its always regularly use.


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I like OneDrive too but is it me or is the service painfully slow when you do uploading of files? I find that dropbox has the fastest uploading speed of all, then google drive, followed by OneDrive
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