Infection date and initial symptoms
Gradually getting slower over the last 2-3 months. Accidentally downloaded Reimage and since then Google won't load.
Current issues and symptoms
I can only access the internet in safe mode and even then it runs very slowly. The physical memory runs from 86-99% but drops to 16% without being on the internet. Chrome.exe*32 has 5 programmes running, one of which is using over 1,000,000 of memory.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Have used Malwarebytes anti-Malware, Avast, Microsoft Security essentials, Eset and TDSS killer.


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All done. I'm getting a message that my printer has been temporarily disabled.
What would you like me to do now?


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Check for Updates. If it still shows this message, then leave it Disabled, because it is probably disabled.


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My problem hasn't gone away, it's the same on IE now and I have to keep restarting.

If you say it is clean then perhaps it's a different problem?

Thanks for all your help - looks like it's a new laptop after all.