New Update Google System Updates for September 2023 - FIDO2 support and more


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Jan 8, 2011

Android WebView

  • Improvements to security and privacy and updates for bug fixes.[6][9][10][11]
  • New developer features for Google & 3rd party app developers to support functionality related to displaying web content in their apps.[6][9][10][11]
  • [Phone, PC, Tablet, Auto, TV] New keyboard shortcuts for productivity.[6]
  • [Phone, Tablet] New Stylus Rich Gestures support from Android U+ to improve device usability.[6]
  • [Phone, Tablet] Support the standard trackpad gestures on Android U+ for productivity.[11]
Important: Some features may be experimental and available to certain users.

Google Play Store

  • [Phone] A new settings page makes it simpler for you to manage your survey choices and preferences.[4]
  • [Phone] You'll see video trailers in some search results for media & entertainment apps.[3]
  • [Phone] Google Play Protect install-time protection now performs real-time threat detection for new apps.[3]

Security & Privacy

  • [Phone] Adding Pin Protocol support for Fido2 on Android Platform.[2]


  • [Phone] New email preference settings in Wallet.[2]
  • [Phone] This feature enables better card management in Japan.[2]

System Management

  • [Auto, PC, Phone, TV, Wear] Updates to system management services that improve Network Usage and Privacy.[2]
  • [Phone] Changed terms of service for auto updates in setup screen.[2]
  • [Auto] Assistant Controls will now be shown on the Google Terms of Services Screen.[5]

[2]Available through Google Play services v23.35 updated on 09/6/2023
[3]Available through Google Play Store v37.5 updated on 09/11/2023
[4]Available through Google Play Store v37.4 updated on 09/4/2023
[5]Available through Google Play services v23.36 updated on 09/13/2023
[6]Available through Android WebView v114.0 system update for September 2023
[9]Available through Android WebView v115.0 system update for September 2023
[10]Available through Android WebView v116.0 system update for September 2023

[11]Available through Android WebView v117.0 system update for September 2023
Release Notes: What's new in Google System Updates - Product Documentation Help

In the first wave of updates for September 2023, Google has shared that Android’s support for the FIDO2 security standard is getting updated this month. While FIDO2 (often taking the form of a Titan/Yubikey security key) was originally most commonly used for two-factor authentication alongside a password, the tech industry’s recent push for “passkeys” (passwordless login) has made FIDO2 far more prevalent.

With that increased usage comes a need for increased security, and one such solution is to add a PIN to protect your passkey against theft. In the coming weeks, Android is set to support this “Pin Protocol,” but it’s unclear what precisely this will mean.
Article: September Google System Updates: Android 14 browser gestures, more [U]

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