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Google wants to reduce the lifespan of SSL certificates (used to secure HTTPS encrypted traffic) from the current two years to just over a year.

The proposal was made by Ryan Sleevi, Google's representative, at a F2F meeting of the CA/B Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece, in June.
The CA/B Forum is an unofficial industry group made up of certificate authorities (CAs; companies that issue SSL certificates) and browser makers.

Per Sleevi's proposal, starting with March 2020, the lifespan of all newly issued SSL certificates would become 397 days (roughly a year and a month) instead of the current 825 days (about two years and three months).
No vote was held on the proposal; however, most browser vendors expressed their support for the new SSL certificate lifespan.
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Excellent excellent idea! But the real solution would be a system that moves away from certificates completely. We need a trustless and decentralized system where each connection is a unique end-to-end encryption.